Surround Designer

Step 1 - Please let us know how to contact you.


Step 2 - Select the style of surround you'd like:

Slimline     Regular    Rotated 180°  

Step 3 - What State/Territory and number plate size would you like to make the surround for ?

South Australia (215mm x 100mm plate) 
South Australia Personalised or 7 character (254mm x 100mm plate) 
South Australia Custom 1-6 character (215mm x 95mm plate)
Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland or Tasmania (185mm x 100mm plate)
Northern Territory (215mm x 97mm plate)
Australian Capital Territory Small (185mm x 100mm plate)  
Australian Capital Territory Large (254mm x 100mm plate)
Western Australia Small (190mm x 100mm plate)  
Western Australia Large (254mm x 100mm plate)
My plate size isn't listed here so please contact me about it.

Step 4 - Select the finish you'd like:

Powder Coated   Black    Blue      Red  Red
                              Pink  Pink  Yellow Yellow  White  White Orange      

Brushed Aluminium

Triple Chrome Plated

Step 5 - What text would you like engraved and where would you like it ?


Step 6 - What font would you like to use for the main text ?


Please note: Extra text is limited to a simple single-line font due to space restrictions.

Step 7 - If you would also like a logo engraved, please choose it & let us know where you would like to position it.

   Extreme Left   Central   Extreme Right   Both Ends

    Alternatively you can direct us to a website or describe the logo required here

I am not a spambot.

When you have entered your details and selected all the options, click on SUBMIT to send them to us.